Painting 40k


So. A year and a half ago I found a near-complete copy of ‘assault on black reach’ at a thrift store. My introduction to the world of 40k cost me $2 and included about half a playable army. I got pretty interested, picked up a few more models on kijiji and $60 or so later had a tournament legal army of 1500 or so points.
And nobody to play with. You see, none of my close friends at the time actually played warhammer. It was about 6 months or so before I found somebody I knew that could show me the ropes, and a short while later I began to paint. 1 tactical squad. They came out okay, which prompted a couple more attempts, frequently delayed by my new life as a father. Which is fine, he’s ridiculously cute and I love spending his waking time with him.
So a tactical squad, a devastator squad, and most of a small terminator squad was pretty much my sum total in almost a year of painting, and now I’ve decided to start painting in front of the tv. Seems to be working. A few dreadnoughts later, I’m painting some hq units. Finished a chaplain the other night and now a captain (see above). Haven’t put a wash on it yet, but feeling pretty good about it.
Not sure if I’m ready to be entering in the local game store’s model painting contest, but I’ll probably enter something anyway, ready or not. Gotta experience these things while I can…

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