no peeking!


Zork adventure book 3 (the cavern of doom) turned out to be a decent little romp. Nothing too intense or tricky, but a couple high points that really took me by surprise (in a good way). The first of these was a meeting with a dragon. I was given 3 choices: sneak by, fight, or attempt to trick it. What was awesome was that only one of these was correct, and I knew which one it was, because *I could totally come up with a plan*! Based on the environments I’d seen and a conversation I’d had, and some other factors, I was able to formulate a plan that made sense to me, and which also happened to be the answer they were seeking. Awesome. It felt very organic. The second amazing bit came after I’d finished the adventure, and went back to read all the branches I’d missed. Mostly they involved me dying horribly. But one was totally different. As I read / played through the adventure, I found objects and solved puzzles that would later impact my options. An example? ‘Did you find the ruby? Turn to page 132’ or something similar. One of these was something I hadn’t found, but I figured it must just be an alternate path (since I’d survived through to the end). Upon rereading the braches I’d not taken, I flipped to the page indicated and was immediately informed that a wizard showed up and stopped me from reading. He was from the zork anti-cheating league, and was ejecting me for claiming to have found something that didn’t exist. The cavern of doom totally broke the fourth wall.

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