Gunmetal looks so much better than silver


I had a mild interest in warhammer long before I ever tried it. Truth is, the cost was always prohibitive. So when I thrifted that black reach box a while back, it was really the only way I could ever have broken into the hobby. Secondhand models were a pretty crucial part of affording 40k at all. As a new dad, that’s more true than ever.
Used models mean random paintjobs. Some of these are better than others, but mostly the ones I’m buying aren’t the better ones. Hence the cheap. At first I came up with a whole chapter concept that lets me just slap a new pauldron on each marine and call him family, but as I start to enjoy painting more and more that’s seeming like a pretty unnecessary bit of fluff.
So I recently acquired a devastator squad used and it was silver. Mostly. None of the company markings matched and there was almost no other colour happening at all. Several days, one previously mentioned dogfight, and some metal-on-plastic glue action later, they’re almost done. They *would* be done if I’d realised before 1030 this evening that I don’t have any more devastator decals. (Another side effect of used models is a serious lack of included decals). So I guess tomorrow I’ll head into my friendly neighbourhood game store to dig through their bitz box.
And as long as I’m there I might see about picking up decal-setting solution. Never used it before, but it sounds worth a try, and what better time to test it than the present?

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