Mmm… bear pepperettes…

Did I mention that I’m from northern ontario? Lived here most of my life and yet bear pepperettes never occurred to me. Pretty delicious, but what else would you expect? I mean, they’re pepperettes.  They taste like pepperettes.
Last night was pathfinder. Made our way to the ‘isle of terror’ in search of a ‘city of death’. Not entirely sure that we might not be just a wee bit *too* ambitious. Several storms, a ghost, and what could fairly be described as a minor sea serpent attack later we arrived at the isle; shortly thereafter we’d stumbled upon several cultists. 4 acolytes were dispatched fairly quickly, and their leader was bound and eventually thrown into a campfire. The last acolyte fainted dead away, so I guess we’re gonna drag him along behind us. We’ll have to wait and see if he ends up being any use at all.
Looking forward to seeing what’s ahead for us. Although judging by what we’ve seen so far, it’ll probably be our very violent ends.


    • rexlogan

      It’s a spicy smoked sausage. Usually long and thin, made for snacking. Not usually made out of bear. Grin.

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