Golems and Dragons and Wolves, Oh My!

Also an elemental. Cause why not? Turns out the city of gold and death is actually the city of golden death. Which struck me as significantly more ominous. Took a few days to get into the isle of terror’s interior, and we were attacked a lot along the way. The acolyte we spared turned out to be a fellow recruit from our halcyon days of cult infiltration, so we decided to bring him along. Kept him alive through an attack of mutated wolves only to have him take off when we were ambushed by humanoid lizards. With all the wolves and lizardmen and quicksand and what have you, I don’t know that we’ll see him again. We survived the lizards, and some dark monsters that exploded when they died, and eventually found the city we were shooting for. And it looks like the entire thing is coated in gold. Some sort of molten gold flood is gonna drown us all unless we can catch up to the cult’s high priestess and retrieve our village heirlooms in 62 hours. All told, we’ve been in the city for 3 hoursish and have already unleashed a molten golem and a fire elemental on ourselves. I suspect this city could very well be the end of us.

Oh right; there was a dragon. That actually went pretty smoothly…

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