‘Space marine commander’ is a vague description…


2nd Company captain?

The Unyielding’s 2nd Company is one step closer to being completely painted, but may soon be one step further. I was thinking that I could pass this captain off as a chapter master if I ever wanted one, but then I realised it sort of *is* one. I don’t see myself ever needing 2 captains, but I’m also already done painting the other one, and the command squad I’ve been working on is from a different company than my previously painted captain. Yes, it’s totally my call and they can be whatever I want, but I’m a little attached to the stuff I’ve finished. Is that weird? Maybe I should never have come up with a chapter. It’s like it matters now. As though my own personal invented fluff becomes canon as I paint. I suppose I could promote him. Grin.
I’m still deciding if I want to repaint the cape or not, the previous painter did some cool colourwork but it’s a bit choppy. Not sure if I can smooth it out without messing up the colours. I probably have some time; I doubt I’ll put a wash on this until I come up with a chapter insignia, and I’m still drawing a blank there.
As I repaint all these second-hand models I’m getting really attached to some of these colours. The gold I use, for example, seems a lot less overwhelming than has been pretty common on these. More subtle, perhaps? Probably doesn’t even matter; the wash I put on these is pretty dark and probably eliminates any difference.
2nd company champion.

Finished my company champion last night and got started on my apothecary, which I continued to work on this evening. Both firsts for me, and again both repaints. I tend to paint pretty thickly, which is probably less than ideal – especially when I’m repainting – but I actually kind of like the effect it has after I add the wash. It picks up all the sketchy spots in my paint job and makes the whole thing look rougher. Like they’ve actually been through something.
Which is great on space marines, but I suspect won’t look so hot on tanks.
2nd company apothecary. In progress.


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