Wet Paint!


Last night I was flipping through the internet when I happened upon somebody talking about their introduction to the wet palette. I got curious, and checked out a few more opinions, and found that almost everybody using one declared it to have resulted in the single greatest leap in their painting abilities. Too good to be true? I needed to find out.
I generally paint on the third floor (my wife’s craft room is up there as well, so I can paint while she works on scrapbooks and blankets and what have you), so I waited until the dogs needed to go outside and gathered up some materials. Paper towel and water I had upstairs already, so I grabbed some parchment paper from the kitchen and a clamshell from the basement (this one used to hold nuts and bolts at one point), and put it all together when we got back to the third floor.
Can I just say ‘amazing!’?  ‘Cause it sorta is. Especially with my black paint, that one usually gets thick and tacky crazy fast. Humidity is pretty low around here (our house has been hovering around 15-25% for much of the winter) so I don’t get much time out of my paint. This makes me feel a lot better about approaching tanks. I’d been pretty apprehensive given how thick my painting generally goes, but I’m feeling better with this wet palette close at hand.
As to progress,  my command squad nears completion. Just a bit more detail work. And of course the banner. No idea what I’m going to put on that.



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