Look right!


So with the exception of some final touches in the wash and decal departments (and of course that ridiculously large banner that i will someday have to fill), the 2nd Company’s command squad is done. They no longer have a captain to follow, as I have indeed decided to make their would-be captain into the Unyielding’s chapter master. I suppose my fluff will now have them following a different company’s captain into battle.
Still no decal solvent to try out, but hopefully by mid next week. With that in mind, I started mucking about with decals this evening.  Gonna put some space wolves decals on, but face them the wrong way. They seem to go on okay, and I’m hoping the solvent will assist the bonding process as well.


I realise these posts have been pretty heavy on the 40k, but hey, it’s what I’ve been working on of late. I have a couple days off work coming up, so maybe I’ll get to try something new.


One comment

  1. wazzashobbies

    Seriously…. go hard on the banner. I thought mine was going to turn out terrible, but now I’m really happy with the freehand job. You will really surprise yourself! I found flipping through the Templar Dex (my Space Marines of choice) helpful in finding ideas, maybe you can do likewise!

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