Conversion Beamer!


My Master of the Forge has been sitting half-painted for ages. I used a different primer than usual to basecoat this and a few other minis, and I have fairly mixed feelings about it. It seems to pick up other colours well, so in most cases I needed fewer coats of bright colours than I do with the chaos black I otherwise use. Unfortunately, it also picked up metallics the same way, which has resulted in a *very* bold gunmetal finish on some parts. At this point I’m just desperately hoping the wash will dull that a little. A lot, really. Those exhausts are blindingly shiny.


This model has nonetheless been a lot of fun. Pretty much the only conversion/modelling work I’ve done, I used a little bit of everything to make the conversion beamer as overwhelming as possible. It’s definitely an excellent conversation starter whenever I work it into an army list. I sorta wish I’d had the money to enter two categories in the local painting and modelling contest; this would definitely have been my ‘not small’ entry. Either way, it feels good to finally have it painted up. It hasn’t seen much play of late, as I’ve been trying more fighty hq’s (most of my early army lists almost never assaulted; they were very shooty lists), but now that this is all painted up I’ll have to try working it in at some point.


I built the conversion beamer out of various bits. What I think was a chaos terminator arm, a predator’s heavy bolter, and a bunch of tau odds and ends, not entirely sure what else.
I’m hoping to field a fully painted army next time I play, so I think I’ll be attempting a vindicator very soon. I tend to be all about the heavy stuff, and I have yet to finish painting any tanks.

Fun anecdotal evidence of my love of heavy support? I recently fielded a rather ridiculous list of just under 2000 pts, consisting of a captain running with a terminator squad, a chaplain running with a squad of assault terminators, a dreadnought, and a couple of scout shotgun squads. This left room for 3 landraiders (1 of which was a crusader), and 2 vindicators (1 toting chronus, who i think is just about my favourite named space marine). I wasn’t much for capturing objectives, but it was marvelous fun, and actually worked beautifully against the forces of chaos that I was up against. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a helldrake go down so fast.

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