Power Sword Experiments


So tonight I spent a fair bit of time messing around with power sword ideas. Up until now I’ve just painted them in gunmetal (like a large portion of any given model), but I got to wanting to try something different. Saw a cool idea here, and decided to try it in green. Hoping for a plasma effect, but got mixed results. First one I tried I left the gunmetal, and wasn’t a huge fan, so I went with a black blade when I tried my company champion. Much better, but in both cases the wash did a number on them. I usually don’t paint over the wash at all (I like the dark, rough effect that results) but I think I’ll be making at least a small exception. Not like it makes much sense for the power sword to be dark and rough anyway. Grin.


I did also get around to putting a wash on my Master of the Forge, and it does indeed seem to have dulled the gunmetal a bit (the basecoat I used on that model resulted in a very thick, very shiny gunmetal), which I’m happy to see.
I have high hopes for getting in a game before too long, but it probably won’t be until after easter now. Which leaves me a little more painting time. I’m thinking I might finally be able to field a fully painted army.


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