Mille Bornes

Been checking out Mille Bornes the last couple of days and I’ve got some mixed feelings. Fun enough, and I think a four player game with two teams might play better, but I’ve been checking it out 3-player and it suffers. Entire games have gone to 700 and even 1000 miles without drawing a necessary card. One of these I never drew a go card. Another I got wrecked right away and never drew a repair. Allowing for drawing from the discard pile helps, but other players still aren’t obligated to toss what you need.
All in all, it seemed like a perfect example of what I was talking about the other day. Absolutely needing a card and not getting it. 1954’s own version of m:tg’s manascrew.
Like I said, team games might alleviate this, as you’d draw half the deck,  but I still don’t think it would *solve* the problem.

In other news, introduced my sister and her husband to Justified. So good.

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