The Unyielding takes to the field, fully painted!

Actually *played* 40k last night. It’s been ages, so it was pretty sweet. Plan was a few 750pt skirmishes, but we ended up playing a big 2250-a-side team game; 2x dark angels plus the unyielding (my space marine chapter) vs the forces of chaos (1 chaos marines force and 2 daemon forces).


The Unyielding’s 750pt contribution.

My own contribution came in the form of an ironclad, a captain, a plasma devastator squad, a tactical squad broken into combat squads, and a 5man crew of shotgun scouts. I was expecting to be facing a bunch of eldar swarms, so a bunch of monstrous creatures were totally outside of my wheelhouse last night, which is extra sad since I’m usually so well prepared for such things. Should have run the assault marines / crusader list I planned in the first place, I guess. There’s always next time…
We went second and our first turn was a disaster. 2 squads of plasma devs, 2 lascannon razorbacks, a ridiculous number of bolters and a couple dreadnoughts managed to blow up a rhino. And slightly dent some sort of daemonic chariot. Only 5 members of my force emerged from the end of the fourth turn (when we called the game due to time and parted ways): 2 scouts (contesting chaos’ objective), and 2 tactical marines (flamer and bolter) in the process of rushing a demon alongside their captain. The captain’s survival and the contesting scouts helped to bring the final score to a tie, and that rhino the dark angels blew up? First blood for the win. Sad how often it comes down to first blood…

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