The Unyielding vs Dark Angels; not quite a battle report


Played a quick and riotous game of 40k last night with a friend of mine. 1250pts each, his dark angels (featuring his newest addition, vindicators) up against my [vanilla] unyielding. I wanted to test a few loadouts, and quite frankly love vindicators, so my list included the following:
2x 5-scout shotgun squads
A vindicator, with siege shield, HK, extra storm bolter, and chronus.
A dreadnought (assault cannon and missile launcher)
An ironclad (frag launchers, seismic hammer, dccw, and dual heavy flamers)
A land raider carrying a captain and a command squad.
After my last few low-point games, I didn’t dare not bring the raider.

Dark Angels brought:
2x 10man scout squads (1 bolters, 1 snipers)
2x vindicators
Belial and a bunch of terminators (mostly TH/SS plus a cyclone [now that i think about it, I guess that’s a DA thing?])
I feel like there must have been more, but maybe not. I have no idea what he spent on his term force.
Yes, I made these on my phone without a stylus using a demo version that won’t save. Should at least give some idea. Why can’t I ever remember to snap photos!?

Turn 1.
We rolled the scenario where heavies count as scoring, and got started. He went first, and his vindicator demolished mine first shot. He managed to blow some hull points off the dread and the raider, and belial teleported in with his terminator unit. I was gonna need a lot of 6’s. My turn began with the raider paying off big time, splitting its lascannon fire between the two vindicators, and blowing them both to smithereens. Scout squad A ran for a now-vacant objective tucked behind a giant snake corpse, and the dreadnought moved and fired upon the bolter scouts. Did some damage but not enough,  and failed to make the assault. The ironclad turned to approach belial’s terminators, hosing them with both heavy flamers before assaulting. He was nicked in the overwatch, but not down, and between the flamers and the assault took down a couple terminators.

Turn 2. My scouts continued to take a beating trying to take the empty objective and the ironclad was wrecked fighting belial’s terms for another. My dreadnought took another ding, and my scout squad B lost a man to sniper fire.
My dreadnought took out a few more bolter scouts before dying in an assault to a lucky grenade and my scouts made it to the objective but couldn’t quite get out of sight. The raider tore apart most of what remained of the terminator squad.

Turn 3. Sniper fire nixed another scout from squad A and they broke. Belial killed a scout from squad B but they held fast. The bolter scouts opted not to advance on the land raider. We opted to play out the turn, despite it looking pretty grim for the dark angels.
Shotty squad A regrouped and managed to find a spot that both held the objective and kept them free of sniper fire. The raider dumped the captain and his command squad out in the direction of the bolter scouts before killing belial with a lascannon shot and emptying everything else into the sniper squad’s copse of trees. They broke and ran off the table, and we called the game with 3 scouts holding one objective and my raider holding another. Scout squad B was within 8″ of one of the remaining objectives and the command squad was closing on the last 5 bolter scouts.
Had a blast. 3 turns and we reduced 2500pts to about 500ish. Can’t wait to play again.

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