750 slam!

Got out to play 40k tonight at the university. Six people playing, with two of them totally involved in a Dark Angel vs Tau grudge match. The remaining four of us brought 750pts each and played a team game; Space Marines (the Unyielding) and Tau vs Dark Eldar and Orks.
Had a great game; we seized the initiative which gave us some extra shooting time before they could close to assault. I decided to bring a way heavy list, fielding the following:


That would be a captain riding in a land raider with a 5man tactical squad, a 5man shotgun squad, and a drop pod ironclad loaded out for assaults.
So I basically started with a land raider and some scouts on the battlefield. By game’s end the ironclad was pretty beat up, but still going after wiping out a squad of dark eldar warriors, an archon, and a bunch of orks. My only KIA was a lone scout taken down early, before the ironclad managed to tie up that entire portion of the battlefield.
So yeah, I was pretty overprepared, but after prepping for swarms every time and never fighting any, I decided to change my tactics. Apparently its less about preparing for what people qill field than it is about realizing that no matter what I prepare for, I’ll find myself fighting the opposite. Grin. Man I enjoy fielding that ironclad. I want another one.

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