Today? paper terrain!

Before you even start reading, I should probably clarify that in northern Ontario a ‘shag’ is a pre-wedding social event, like a ‘buck and doe’, or a ‘social’.


I worked a close tonight, so I got home with a bit of time, but not enough to have anyone over for games. My wife was out at a friend’s shag, so I was home with H (who was well asleep by the time I got home from work). Seemed like a good night to try out some papercraft terrain I downloaded recently. I’m really pretty pleased with how it turned out… it doesn’t really jive 100% with 40k, but its science fictiony and the right scale, and most of all the price was right. The download was a free sample on and I managed to get somebody to print it out at work for me, so total cost was a few sheets of cardstock.


Admittedly there are bits of weirdness going on. I should have inked some interior surfaces, and some bits are a little crooked looking, but I also didn’t really read through the instructions and used old white glue I found in a drawer. Once its dried I may be able to  end and twist some crooked parts, and I’ll see what I can accomplish with some aftermarket sharpie edges. I have high hopes.


Mostly, though, I’m intrigued by the paper terrain, and interested in seeing what else this particular designer has available for sale. Just in case there’s something that *does* look 40k-ish at a decent price. I’ve gotta say, the free sample is simple, but it did its job… I’m intrigued.


  1. Azazel

    I’m glad you clarified what a “shag” is out your way. If you hadn’t, the start of this post would have read *very* differently…

    Is that the Dave Graffam papercraft stuff? It’s looking pretty good, but the thin walls stand out a lot to me. I bought a bunch of it awhile back, though I plan to mount most of it on foam core. The multi-texturing of them give you a fair bit of leeway for 40k terrain, as long as you don’t require every structure in the galaxy to have skulls, flying buttresses and archways. I haven’t gotten too far with them, but here’s the start of one of the fantasy warehouses being built as a modern/40k-friendly warehouse building:

    • rexlogan

      While I do have some Dave Graffam buildings, this isn’t one of them. This was a freebie from some other company (I did several random free models before buying any), and was also among the first I tried; it doesn’t really see any play. If I were building it now, I would definitely be mounting on foamcore…

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