More paper for 40k!


Imperial. Get it?

I’m really liking the concept of paper terrain. After getting a friend to print a couple out at work, I decided to try having staples print a couple for me. I know that the hidden costs (cardstock, ink, etc) are what can really sneak up on a person making paper terrain, and I figure getting stuff printed would help keep those costs more visible, if not actually under control. It might cost a bit more, but at least its up front.
Turned out to be pretty decent. About 70-75 cents a page for colour laser on 100lb cardstock. It did come out awfully shiny, but them’s the breaks. I can check for matte cardstock next time. Anyway, here’s the coach house and hovel I built last night.


Hovel was a page, and the coach house was 5 pages, so after tax it was still under $5 to get it printed. Could have been under $4 if I’d opted not to base the coach house, as that was one of the pages. I’m impressed; I think they look really good, and the scale is about bang on. These two building models are free samples available through dave graffam; the ones he has for sale range from about $2-5. I wish they were a touch cheaper, but given they come with multi-layer pdfs to allow different ‘skins’, it might be conceivably worthwhile, especially if I went in on it with a friend of mine that needs some new terrain. I’ll probably buy a couple at some point, and I’ll post any I build. First I’ll likely do a second coach house, and see if I can’t use the layers to make it look a little more 40k-ish.

Finally, one other crafty project; I’m in the process of attempting to build a dreadnought drop pod. More on that later, but here’s a peek at the progress I’d made a couple nights ago….


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