The dubious entertainment level of 500pts

Five of us played 40k last night. Which would be awesome if we’d played the 1500 each sort of game we planned for, but a couple guys weren’t up for playing too late, so we made new lists. 3x500pts for the imperium (the Unyielding, Dark Angels, and Imperial Guard) vs 2×750 other guys (Orks and Dark Eldar). So I culled a land raider, a vindicator, a chaplain, some assault terminators, my devastators, and so on, and instead took a master of the forge, 2 five man shotgun squads, and a drop pod ironclad. Which was technically 505pts, but we all went a touch over, so it was fine.
Except of course that it wasn’t. 500pts of space marines? That’s a basic HQ and 2 tactical squads. Which isn’t a bad army, but I really like building quirky fun lists. And like I said, the only way to squeeze in something fun is to take those 5man scout squads. And even then, the cheapest HQ+2troops option as still 250pts. Not much room to be creative.
Didn’t help that our side was paying very little attention in the early game. Basically unloaded the ironclad right next to a squad full of blasters. Totally lame. So I played the whole 5-6 turns with the MOTF and a few scouts. Woohoo. Oh, and my drop pod’s stormbolter almost cleared an objective of the Dark Eldar holding it. So I guess that was a high point.
We better be playing at least 1000 next time…

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