Power swords redux

Last time I tried painting power swords I put a fairly dark wash in almost immediately, and sorta killed the effect. Turned out okay, but not great. Tonight I decided to give it another go. Started by scraping the paint off the swords; as near as I could tell, they had at least already been primed, painted orange, re-primed, painted gunmetal, painted black, and then painted in my failed power sword scheme and wash. They were getting a wee bit thick. So, scraped, painted black, and then built up layers of lightningish greens, starting with a dark one and getting progressively lighter.


I more or less did a green version of a magma blade tutorial I saw online a while back (and now can’t find). While doing the last couple of greens I tweaked it into more of a lightning effect. I will probably attempt to give it a bit of a wash later, just to match it up with the rest of the model, but overall I’m not disappointed.


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