Building a better team game

So, I wasn’t the only one frustrated by that 2×750 vs 3×500 game of 40k. Which isn’t surprising, since my friend playing dark angels *also* had a list severely limited by the high cost of fulfilling a space marine-based FOC.
Before parting last time, he suggested potentially using primary and secondary detachments (like an allied force) to alleviate that a little, which sounded like a step in the right direction. Last night he posted a little more detail, which got my wheels turning about the issue. Using secondary or allied detachments is a solid idea, but it still leaves some uneven spots in the FOC requirements. What’s needed is a system that can even up the FOC minimums and maximums of odd-numbered team games. I ended up going with 3 FOC levels in order to get the necessary balance.
Primary FOC:
The norm. 1-2 HQs, 2-6 troops, 0-3 each of Fast Attack, Elites, and Heavy Suppory.
Secondary FOC:
1 HQ, 1-4 troops, 0-1 FA/E/HS
Tertiary FOC:
0-1 HQ, 1-2 troops, 0-2 FA/E/HS

1vs2: P vs ST
2vs3: 2P vs PST
3vs4: PST vs 2S2T
4vs5: PS2T vs 2S3T

Each of these matchups provides an even FOC for each side (identical minimums and maximums), increasing gradually as more players are introduced. With larger points-per-player it would become trickier, but also less useful. This is, after all, as much about reducing the hefty FOC requirements in small point games as it is about balancing those FOCs. If everybody’s getting 1500pts to begin with, the existing FOC doesn’t really cause any problems. 1500pts per side split among 2-4 players, on the other hand? That’s where these modified FOCs come in.
I’m very much looking forward to testing them out.

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