Chronus; my introduction to finecast

I don’t think it’s in any way a secret that I don’t really buy new ‘off the shelf’ 40k stuff very often. The Unyielding consist of about 5000pts right now; the following is what I bought new:
1 predator at 30% off
1 vindicator at 30% off
1 pewter chaplain at 40% off …
…and until this week, that was it. This week I took my first step into the world of finecast, with my purchase of sergeant Antaro Chronus. I’m fully aware that he’s not generally considered to be worth the points, but I really enjoy fielding him, and tend to include him in pretty much any list over about 750pts. That said, I decided it was about time I picked up the actual model.


So what do I think? I have mixed feelings. Its a nice couple of models (‘in tank’ Chronus and ‘on battlefield’ Chronus), and I don’t hate the resin, although I don’t prefer it over the pewter either. Flash and mold lines were fairly easy to remove but they’re everywhere! So much tidying to do. Tanked Chronus looks like he has a broken finger and I constantly feel like I’m going to shatter the things. Plus there seem to be a *lot* of bubbles in the resin messing up the model.
The thing that actually bothers me the most, though, is that the model doesn’t come with a hatch. Tanked Chronus is modelled to sit in a round hatch, but there isn’t one included. I don’t have a spare because I’ve modelled all of mine to be used for various loadouts. Which means I have to track down a hatch somewhere before I can finish Chronus.


Not the end of the world, but annoying, especially since – and I don’t think I’m crazy here – the gw website images gave me the distinct impression he’d come with one. I mean, he’s modelled in one and can’t be put onto a tank without one. I dunno, look him up on the website and tell me that image *doesn’t* suggest you get a hatch (pintle? You know what I’m talking about, right?)
Otherwise, though, it’s a nice model, and I have high hopes he gets a boost when a new vanilla space marines codex turns up; while I still love him, hull points were not particularly kind to his inherent value.

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