Henriksen! and Chronus part III

First off, Henriksen. Last night we got a sizable game of 40k going. Dark Angels and the Unyielding vs an Eldar / Tau combo, 3000pts per side. Great game, but I had a couple marines that really stood out. My 1500pts consisted of:
– a crusader with a meltagun and Chronus, carrying 6 lightning claw terminators and a terminator chaplain.
– a lucius drop pod carrying an ironclad kitted out for assault
– two 5man tactical squads
– a loaded vindicator
– a team of plasma devastators
First turn was a bit of a mess. The lucius mishapped off the table, but was fortunately just delayed. The devastator squad rolled multiple ‘gets hot’s and was then pummeled by the tau, reduced to a largely ineffective sergeant and a lone plasma cannon by the end of the turn.
That lone plasma cannon devastator survived the entire remainder of the game (while being shot at every turn), and never missed; he singlehandedly wiped out a broadside team and a chunk of the objective-holding fire warrior team. In recognition of his resilience, resolve, and brutal effectiveness (in other words, for living up to the space marine fluff), he has been given a name. Meet Henriksen.


I also had a tactical marine do a great job holding an objective. Of the two 5man squads, only one marine remained by game’s end, but considering how much fire they drew, that struck me as pretty impressive. Plus, without him we’d have lost the game! (For those of you that are wondering, we space marines eaked out a minor victory; I had a marine holding our objective and the tau had two fire warriors holding theirs so it came down to first blood and linebreaker…). I haven’t decided yet whether to name that tactical marine or not.
In other news, I finished Chronus, both tanked and de-tanked versions. Voila!


I’m gonna throw in one extra photo of pre-wash tanked Chronus, if only because I think the lighting makes the face look fantastic.


So there we go.

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