Some repaints in progress


Not a whole lot to say here. A couple tactical marines from a badly basecoated, partly painted unit that I got for cheap off a friend of mine… who I’m pretty confident got it cheap off somebody else in the first place (he pretty consistently plays dark angels, so he’d have no reason to variously basecoat a heap of blue marines).
The assault terminator is from a big lot I picked up a while back. $80 or so for a raider, a crusader, a dreadnought, and about 17 terminators, some of which had cyclones and 1 with a heavy flamer. I got the lightning claws from the aforementioned friend – he built th/ss terminators with his set – and magnetised them (along with the original limbs that came on them) so I could have assault terms when I want them. They don’t have proper terminator pauldrons, but they actually look okay. Probably because the old terms were slightly smaller.
Anyway, they used to be badly painted dark angels, so I gave them a middling quality basecoat and am now painting them to join the Unyielding. As much as I wrote the Unyielding background to allow the use of different chapters’ paintjobs, my tendency towards cheap models means I’m rarely satisfied with the pre-existing paint and usually end up repainting anyway.
There. I managed to say a fair bit after all. Now to track down a terminator librarian (or runepriest) with a force axe to round out my assault death squad.

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