Finished a couple repaints

Finished repainting a couple tactical marines today. For perspective,  here’s a couple of marines from the tactical unit I got second (or possibly third) hand…


They actually look worse in real life. Next, the 2 I’ve been working on the last couple evenings.


All the difference in the world. The dark wash will get added later. I want to give the decals plenty of time to set before doing that, and I’ve got a game tonight, anyway. For the decals I’ve reversed the space wolves insignia to use as the Unyielding’s own chapter markings. I don’t know if it’s the reversal or just the shoulder curvature, but I was having a rough go of it last time, so this time I’m using both vallejo decal products, instead of just the softener. We’ll see how it turns out. For now, they look like this.


As for tonight’s battle, it will probably be another 3000pts per side battle, so I’ve prepped ridiculous lists for both 1000 and 1500pts. 1000 will be a land raider crusader hauling 4 lightning claw terminators, 2 thunder hammer terminators, a terminator chaplain, and a terminator librarian (epistolary with force axe and storm shield). Smite and null zone for powers. Also 2 5-man tactical squads, to round out the 1000pts. If I get to 1500, I’ll probably boost the squads to full 10s, add my lucius’d assault ironclad, and put chronus in the land raider, along with a few extra trimmings here and there. Could end up being a pretty weak list, depending on what we fight, but I’m hoping for some monstrous creatures that I can tear apart. Plus I’ll have 1-2 teammates, so hopefully they’ll have more well rounded lists.
I’ll try to remember to actually take some pictures this time.


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