Mini battle report!

And I forgot to take pictures again. Gaargh! 3000pts per side, tau/eldar vs unyielding (vanilla sm)/dark angels. Initial setup:


Buildings in the middle to mess with los; 3 mysterious terrain on each side. Red x’s are the objectives (playing ‘the scouring’).


LRC is my chronus-driven, loaded crusader full of terminators (4lightning, 2 th/ss, chaplain, epistolary). 2 tactical squads camped on objectives. Peter fielded 2 whirlwinds.

BS are a super-commandered broadside unit with a bunch of missile drones. Circles are various snipers, pathfinders, and so on. A is an avatar, and the stick circles are a variety of eldar lancetanks (I don’t really know what much is called).
Just realised I left the riptides off the map. They’re just north of the buildings, hiding behind them.


1a) broadsides killed the whirlwinds, avatar advanced, nothing else accomplished much.
1b) northwest corner: I dropped my lucius’d assault ironclad behind the broadsides, peter’s venerable fell in next to the various eldar and tau troops.
LRC advanced.
Peter dropped 2 huge terminator squads in the northeast.
2a) avatar moved in and trashed the crusader. 2LCs lost in the explosion.
Striking scorpions outflanked on the southeast; kroot snipers on the southwest.
The rest) ironclad died, taking a few with it. The venerable stomped on stuff for the rest of the game. The terminators got whittled down but just kept crushing stuff. Chronus and the librarian split off to take the avatar while the rest went riptide hunting. The kroot took 3 turns to kill the tacticals they were after, and the striking scorpions were cut to shreds.
Game was called after turn 4, space marines won.
I’m definitely going to try my super expensive assault squad again. They were a lot of fun, despite getting split up, and null zone was fantastic.
Just need to find an actual term librarian. (Or more likely I’ll end up buying a terminator rune priest that’s available used in town, and fielding it as a term librarian).
Super entertaining game. Very bloody; lots of direct combat.

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