Killing + wraithknights

So, my blog usually sees anywhere from zero to a couple hits a day. Honestly that strikes me as pretty decent; Rats East hasn’t been around all that long, and I’ve spent an awful lot of it on just 40k so far, especially since pathfinder got put on hiatus. Then last week I suddenly started seeing way more hits, mostly coming in from search engines. So what were people searching? I’ll tell you:
Eldar wraithknight,
How to kill a wraithknight,
And my personal favourite,
Why the wraithknight sucks june 2013.
So apparently I’m not the only one that finds them a little heavy. If wraithknights and riptides are any indication of the direction 40k is heading, my new assault squad is likely to be a part of almost all of my forthcoming army lists. Or some variant thereof. On the bright side, all these monstrous creatures are simplifying tbe metagame a little. Fewer people seem to be playing swarms every day, so big gun platforms just keep becoming a safer option. More lascannons!

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