10 000+ pts… Lances and wraithknights and AP2, oh my!

A woefully incomplete 10 000+ pt battle report with pretty decent pictures. Eldar vs space marines, 5200pts and 3 FOCs per side.
First off, Dark Angels / the Unyielding / Dark Angels:


This is what we were looking like at game start. And on the other side? Eldar / Eldar, with an extra FOC shared between the two players:


Eldar seized the initiative. Let’s take a look at the start of their first turn from their perspective.


You’ll notice a ridiculous number of lance weapons, most of which fired on the Unyielding’s vindicator. It, miraculously enough, survived. Also lots of biker scout moves, which turned out kinda badly after initiative was seized.


Turn 1b, space marines. At this point we’d lost surprisingly little; that would change. I dropped my lucius’d assault ironclad into the back, the results will show in a moment. Also blew a lancetank apart with a lascannon, but not enough of them. Had we not lost initiative (and thus had an extra turn of shooting by this point), this might have been a much different game.
The ironclad did its job, and so the Eldar’s second turn started a little lighter. Having dropped a lance tank and clearing half a guardian squad with collateral heavy flamer fire, its inevitable destruction didn’t hurt too badly. This would be the turn in which I also lost the raider to lance fire, however, leaving the lances to continue their work relatively unhindered.
2b Space Marines. With the baseline raider and the ironclad down, I was left with half a devastator squad, a few infantry, a vindicator with 1 hull point left, and a crusader full of HQs and assault terminators. You can see at this point that an Eldar tank had blocked the path of my crusader; this would prevent me from moving my assault terminators into an effective deployment zone. Well played, Eldar.
3a Eldar. By now we were well and truly falling apart. Fliers had arrived, and we continued to fight valiantly, but our doom was pretty visible. This turn would strip me of my remaining tanks, wipe out much of my remaining infantry, and leave my forces broken beyond recovery. The Unyielding continued to plough forward into the Eldar ranks.
3b. Forced to abandon the flaming carcass of the crusader, the terminators had been thinned a fair bit, but continued to push forward. Storm shields were their armour, as practically everything seemed to be firing AP1 or AP2 weapons, and a few more were lost, bit were lost accomplishing the deaths of their enemies.
Turn 4a. We pretty much called it at this point. Eldar won this one soundly. With the Eldar metagame here shifting inexorably towards an elite army of smaller more powerful units and monstrous creatures instead of mobs, I will probably be substituting a lot of lascannons into my list. I need mass killing far less than precision power right now.

On a lighter note, I had a single survivor in each infantry squad. I will probably name both of them.
Next time?

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