Space Marines vs Eldar, 7400pts

Another Sunday night supermatch. The Unyielding / Dark Angels vs Eldar; 3700pts per side. All turn photos are from the same vantage point this time, which I think lends a great deal of clarity. If his all seems ridiculously soon, well, that has more to do with the last post being almost a full week late.
After the last two sessions included 3 and then 4 wraithknights, I came packing a sizable assault squad and huge quantities of lascannony shenanigans, so of course there were no wraithknights at all. Dark Angels fielded mostly bikes, the Unyielding fielded mostly tanks and dreadnoughts, and the Eldar fielded a variety of lance stuff, snipers, and wraithsomethings (they have flamers and are pretty darned killy, if that helps).

We manage to hold on to the initiative this time. It’s the relic mission; the relic is in the middle and there’s a statue worth 2 extra points in the far corner, with some dire avengers camped on it. DA bikers shoot forward and start shooting everything they can (lots of salvo’ing due to their banner of devastation (?). I move my scouts towards the corner statue, and slide everything else a little ways forward, with the exception of the annihilator predators (they’ll spend the entire game shooting from the corners) and the assault ironclad (it mishaps off the board and will arrive for turn 2). My volley of lascannon fire seriously decreases the number of lance weapon threats.

Turn 1b. Eldar return fire and are only held to minimum by the DAs having ridiculous dice luck. So many feel no pain saves. (In a later turn, the biker chaplain would twice look out sir for the apothecary and then be saved by that very apothecary’s FNP rolls. Amazing.
The Avatar got in early, but couldn’t overcome the miraculous dice of this Command Squad.

Turn 2a. This turn would herald the arrival of the ironclad and the destruction of almost every remaining Eldar vehicle. The ironclad wiped out almost an entire sniper squad, along with a sizable chunk of a nearby Guardians squad. Most of the vehicles fell to lascannon fire, the remainder to landspeeders.

Turn 2b. Eldar could not catch a break. A few Dark Angels died but that’s about it. Some swoopy eldar stuff showed up; their flier showed up as well.

3a. Swoopies annihilated, my annihilator missed their flier but DA shooting cut it apart. Scouts routed the dire avengers and took the secondary objective. My ironclad took out the other sniper squad and most of the remaining guardians.

3b. Warp spiders showed up but we called the game during this turn. Eldar just had nothing left.

This game went crazy good for us Space Marines. Part of that was good luck (DAs rolled great!), but its a good bet that part of that was a lack of wraithknights. We never got bogged down; heck, my assault terminators and tactical squad never even disembarked.
So how did my army make out?
Like bandits:
Scouts (5): Killed Dire Avenger squad and captured secondary objective. Zero casualties.
Tactical (5): Never disembarked from land raider. Uninvolved.
Chaplain: Never disembarked. Uninvolved.
Assault terminators – th/ss (7): Never disembarked. Uninvolved.
Ironclad: Arrival delayed by 1 turn but more than made up for it. Felled 2 sniper squads and a guardian squad in 2 turns, with minimal assistance. 1 penetrating hit on him; he lost a hull point and an hk as a result.
Predator Annihilators:Wiped out a lot; took no hits. Both survived.
Land Raider: Also shot apart a lot of Eldar tanks. Lost 2 hull points and a lascannon to enemy fire. Damaged but survived.
Crusader: Mostly drove around. Provided some supporting fore but had almost no impact on this game, as the assault terms were just never necessary. Undamaged.

Seriously, I can’t imagine a gam going much better. Sorta made the Wraithknights look even more over powered, if this is what results from their absence.
Next battle is a couple weeks away, as I finally get to play pathfinder again this weekend!

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