And a skittering into fantasy I will go…

So I’ve decided to take the plunge and dive full length into Warhammer Fantasy Battle. A while back I thrifted an old starter box… pretty beat up and pretty much a hodge podge of figures (I’m fairly sure some are from talisman or similar games), but enough that when I started thinking about playing I had some figures to dig through.


I’m pretty up in the air as to whether these guys are actually from the set or not, but I’m leaning towards yes, as they look both basic and balanced.
Also in the box were a bunch of figures from that old key to the kingdom game, and a few skaven… and it’s the skaven I’ve taken a shine to. Part of this is inevitably related to my long time love of the secret of nimh, but part of it is that it seems like it would be the tactical opposite of space marines, which I think will increase the degree to which it feels like a totally different gaming experience.


That would be a ‘grey assassin’, according to what I’m going to call the basewedge. Some of them are actually old enough that they just say ‘ratmen’. They are of course all metal, and a good number of them are lords or heroes, so I’m still going to have to get a lot of core stuff, but those should be super cheap. Especially locally; Thunder Bay seems to have like a 50% high elf ratio, and only 1 or 2 skaven players, so I’m thinking there should be lots of island of blood skaven kicking around town.


This is pretty much all I have for legitimate clanrats right now. And a single globadier.


Looking forward to this.

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