if it weren’t for that archon and those pesky kids!

and pathfinder is back! After a very lengthy hiatus, we were finally all available at the same time and managed to have an adventure! It took us a little while to get into the swing of things, and we had to look up some stuff as we played that we’d normally know (I am a *very* grapply monk, yet I totally had to look up grappling and combat maneuvers in order to make sure I was doing it right), but within about an hour or so things started to pick up. When last we played (April?), we had rescued a damsel/contact from a family of vicious ogres, and had gone on to the town in which she lives, in search of a shop where we could finally get our hands on some super cool magic stuff. Grin.
The first hour or so of playtime was mostly us looking up equipment (many jokes were made at our DMs expense regarding our inevitable need for anti-golem gear, since everything we fight seems to be a construct and immune to criticals…); we’d all done this over two months ago, but we’d also all managed to forget our research at this point. Upon returning to the home of our hostess, we were put in charge of setting up her new security system. which was, of course, golems. They of course attempted to kill us, but we actually made pretty short work of them. They used most of their flaming death attacks on me, since I was holding the magical control unit (assassination plot, anybody?); I handily avoided those with my sweet monk reflex saves. Searching the golems, we found that they were missing the maker’s mark that usually showed who’d created them, and it didn’t take long for us to realise somebody had made an attempt on the life of our hostess, Ms. Hydemark. That’s right, it was mystery solving time!!!
We gathered the gang together, grabbed our baby blue kerchiefs, and set out to paint the town red. Well, at least the city’s finest golemworks. The foreman there directed us to the office of one of their most distinguished and recognisable makers, who took his sweet time getting to his office. More than enough time for us to search the place, and for Azazel to spend an extended period of time questioning and threatening an ornamental statue (it’s clear at this stage in the game that we’re perpetually attacked by golems, right?)
When he did finally show up, Mordus sensed an illusion in effect and we found ourselves locked in combat. It was going pretty well until he used his final conscious breath to summon a massive earth golem to smash me to a pulp; having just finished tying up our suspect, I was closest and probably viewed as a fair threat. Plus the rest of the group was tied up dealing with a variety of animated furniture and a certain fancy wooden statue that did indeed golemify and attempt to kill us all.
I ended up unconscious and dying (ah, the life of a pathfinder monk) but not before doling out a sizable whack of damage. We won the day, discovered a trap door under a carpet, and then rested. Yes, I just said that… rested.
I feel like this is getting way to comprehensive, so I’ll be speeding this up. The next day we traveled through the tunnel and found ourselves in a garden behind a nearby fancy doll shop, which we of course entered immediately, meeting an old lady that we eventually discovered was a young witch in disguise. We killed her and her ninja looking compatriots, searched the place, finding another trap door, and also the disassembled corpse of my mentor, preserved in a hole in the floor! I didn’t take it well.
I leaped down into the trap door without taking time to heal at all (classic pathfinder!) And that’s when it DM went to get this:
So cool! A magical clone lab complete with mad scientist! Agarthis, one of the heralds we let live during our cult infiltration escapades, was down here trying to clone Mordus’ dead mom to be his companion. Eww. He threw some tentacles at us, but they couldn’t grab me, so I ran/vaulted across the room to attack Agarthis. Fear acid was launched at us, the whole machine started to fall apart, and then after a lengthy battle (due in no small part to his mirror image effect) he wanted us away in some sort of crazy portal. Can’t wait until next time. Especially since we haven’t finished solving our original case yet.

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