My First Warhammer Fantasy Battle


Had my first wfb experience last night. I packed up some skaven and met a couple friends in the university basement. One brought 750 points of vampire counts; the other brought his big rulebook (he was to be our referee, while we muddled through our battle).

Vampire Counts:
Some direwolves.
A necromancer, linked up with a bunch of skeletons.
More skeletons.
A varghulf.

20 skavenslaves.
20 clanrats.
Chieftain / battle standard bearer
Warlock engineer
6 gutter runners

Game went pretty well. I took too long to eliminate the necromancer, but overall a good experience. Got a handle on most of the basics (and what’s different/the same as opposed to 40k), and started to get a feel for my rats. The skavenslaves did okay, but ended up being used largely as an actual combat unit, which isn’t their strong suit. The gutter runners arrived only to flee the varghulf’s charge, so iwas alittle disappointed there, but the clanrats with characters attached did well. Killed the necromancer (warlord), most of the skeletons (clanrats), and the direwolves (the chieftain’s banner of the under empire did most of the work there). Even dented the varghulf. Eventually broke and fled, unfortunately, and we’re then charged by the varghulf.
End result?


Skaven were wiped out, vampire counts were pretty much down to the varghulf. A good time was had by all; probably 40k next, but I have some hope for another fantasy battle.

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