Mini Report: marines/dark angels/tau vs eldar/tau

Very mini. This one’s gonna be mostly a series of photos and then a small amount of analysis.


Start of game. No wraithknights this time, but 3 riptides. We would go first, and they would cause inordinate amounts of trouble, especially in terms of interceptor fire.


End of our first turn. Note the crater where my ironclad would usually be. Intercepted.


End of theirs. Massed lascannon fire was a pretty effective way to deal with the riptides.


2a complete. Ravenwing were tied up with an avatar. Another riptide down.


2b. We spent most of the game trying to tie things up after giving up first blood on turn 1. For a while we did, but we just couldn’t maintain it.





My thunder hammer terminators got shredded because they failed all their 3+ saves. I think the biggest problem was first blood. As much as I love that ironclad, it really didn’t stand much of a chance with so much interceptor fire on the board, and at 250 points, that hurts.
In the future; I’ll probably sub in a land raider in situations like this.
The ironclad rarely lasts long, but the ability to basically knock out a unit of my choice makes it a worthy sacrifice. All those intercepting riptides kept it from getting the opportunity.
It’s weird that even armies I traditionally view as mobbish are so full of elite units these days that thunder hammers and lascannons are a viable list. It strikes me as ludicrously specific and limited, but it seems to work as far as this meta goes.

A decent game, but my brain was sorta wishing I could try fantasy again. Probably this Friday. I made some new foamcore trays last night in anticipation. 1000pts this time.


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