On Mortality.

Anybody that follows my pathfinder posts will be aware that we very frequently almost die. My monk Rock has been brought to negative hit points and ‘dying’ on multiple occasions, and on two occasions has been so far gone that he’s required stabilising from other party members (unable to save himself because he’s so close to fully dead). But until our most recent session, we’ve always pulled through…
When last we adventured, we were hauled who knows where by a teleportation spell. We woke up in a room with a huge metal orchid in it, and several hallways. We traveled those halls one at a time. First we retrieved a garnet from the ceiling of a room covered in cryptic runes. Next an aquamarine gemstone from a mysterious puzzle statue in a very suspicious looking pool of water. Third was a chasm containing wooden pillars that had to be jumped across. Fortunately we thought to tie a rope around our wizard before he tried to cross magically, as his magic was dispelled about halfway across; Rock ended up leaping across and making a bunch of reflex saves to retrieve a diamond from the other side. The fourth room was earthen, full of roots, and resulted in a battle against some very angry earth elementals. Also, in retrieving an opal.
Time to rest, we thought, so we’re ready for whatever is next. Azazel didn’t want to sleep in the main room, and so demanded the ‘safe’ room with the cryptic runes. Where we had apparently simply not hit the trigger our first time around…
We were immediately engulfed in a pillar of fire for 48 damage each. I made a monk’s reflex save and was fine. Everybody else failed brutally. Fortunately we all have some magic scales of armour from an earlier adventure that allow re-rolls, but that still left Azazel and Avro dying and needing me to stabilise them, and our wizard Mordus burned to a crisp. Even half damage was too much for him.
We bundled up his corpse, opened the orchid with the gems, and followed a flight of stairs down into the secondary lab of Egarthis, who had apparently teleported into the orchid and been torn to shreds on arrival.
Found some clues and a gunslinger (Mordus’ player was fully prepared to die, it would appear), and we left via gaseous form potions and a ventilation shaft, completely forgetting the gemstones. In my defense, I was being berated by Azazel for taking Mordus’ cloak at the time (in his defense, he was a bit of a basket case after his rooming demands got Mordus killed).
We set out, began traveling north, and wandered into a tyranosaur. I came out of that one with 2hp, and Avro – our fighter – was torn in half.
So we bagged him, too.
Two hill giants later, we’re on the road again. We think we’ve deducted which way will get us back to our benefactor Heidmarch, where we’re hoping she can help us swing a raise dead or two. Hopefully we can get there in time, as I don’t think we can afford a resurrection, and certainly not two of them (although Mordus may decide not to come back).
Really kicking ourselves over leaving those gemstones.
And over not realising that there’d be a fire trap in that room; I didn’t piece together the elemental nature of the rooms until afterwards.

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