The Cruenta Campaign II

I missed part II as I was at a family reunion slash farm centennial over the long weekend, so I’m doing pretty terribly Campaign-wise. Apparently it’s been decided that absentees will be given a ‘loss’ score of 1 instead of a ‘draw’ score of 2, which means that missing a game means a pretty massive blow to your capability, as you get the equivalent of no points, no Strategic Assets *and* no opportunity to achieve experience based rewards for surviving units. Pretty garbage move if you ask me. We’ll see if we end up changing that. On occasions where we play more than one battle in an evening, that means you could be getting 2 campaign points while somebody else got 6 campaign points, 4 Strategic Assets, 4 unit upgrades and 2 Hero upgrades.

Given that I have a little boy to put to bed before I can join the fray, and that occasionally will miss a whole evening, this would definitely prompt me to bow out if we decide to introduce any sort of prize pool. I’d be doomed. Short version, I wouldn’t stand a chance. I’d wind up with at least half losses before even playing an actual game, and be ‘levelling’ units at half the rate of other players.

Short post, but the next couple should be longer, and I should get around to them soon. Pathfinder was last night, and tonight was the third Cruenta session. More details in the near future…

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