Cruenta Conclusion: Caliber VI

Well, we’re about wrapping up our test campaign, and rather than do an Apocalypse with everybody, we decided to let me test some scenario ideas I’ve had kicking around in the back of my brain. With that in mind, I took a shot at designing a little bit of madness for all our campaigners.
I was unable to attend tonight – it’s my son’s first birthday today – but right about now the rest of the gang is probably wrapping up my free-for-all: 2x dark angels, 2x tau, chaos daemons, and imperial guard. I texted one of the players a little while ago, and apparently it’s a bloodbath, but barring a few issues regarding the wording of some tau rules, it seems to be going well. So for the remainder of tonight’s post, the current state of the Caliber VI scenario:


“It’s been under our noses the whole time!” The good news is that you’ve figured out why so many factions have a dog in this race. The bad news is that it’s an incredible piece of lost technology in the form of the most dangerous weapon you’ve ever even heard of, and every ship in the Cruenta system is heading there right now. Put down that briefing and prepare for war!

Caliber VI is the current resting place of the lost tech in question. It’s also incredibly unstable, and landing anything directly on the planet’s surface is risky; landing at the site of the weapon would be suicide. With that in mind, you’ll need to drop in. We’ve launched some beacons, but between the unstable surface, the environmental hazards, and the high pressure gases being vented from the planet’s surface, you’ll be lucky as hell if you hit the ground at all.


Realm of Battle; use six tiles as follows (standing at the long edge, obviously):
mountain upper right; mountain upper left; flat
flat; mountain lower right; mountain lower left

A couple crashed ships. Corpses if you have any. Caliber VI is a desolate wasteland. 2 small bunkers (alpha and omega; use Matt’s flower pots?), to be placed at the Realm of Battle’s intersecting points, with an objective marker placed on each.

Alpha bunker’s side shall be known as the West; Omega is in the East; the No Man’s Land in between the two is the Hot Zone.

Armies and Deployment:

Turn Order should be rolled for, and will rotate after the first turn, with the last player of each round going first the following turn (order otherwise remains the same; 1st becomes 2nd, 2nd becomes 3rd, etc).

Your army will be deployed over multiple turns. Your army must be legal, and your initial deployment should include an HQ, and at least one troop unit.
2 armies: 3000pts each (1500, 1000, 500)
3-4 armies: 2000pts each (1000, 650, 350)
5+ armies: 1500pts each (750, 500, 250)
For clarification, the first two forces should be within 50pts of the required point level without going over; the third can be slightly higher if you have a few extras left over (723, 459, 318 would be a valid 1500pt list).

Your army will be dropping into an active hazardous battlezone. Roll to determine whether you’re targeting Alpha (lowest) or Omega (highest). Deploy your initial force randomly around your target, one unit at a time, as follows:
Choose a unit from your initial deployment. Take the unit’s leader, roll 5d6″ scatter from your target bunker, and place the unit’s leader accordingly (units always scatter, ignore ‘hit’s). Each player does this in turn, and continues doing so until the initial force has all been placed. Leaders that would be placed off of the battlefield are placed at the edge (along their line of scatter) and will enter from that edge on turn 2.
Once all leaders have been placed, place their respective units around them as though you were deepstriking. Any opposing units that end up within 2″ of one another are considered to start the game in close combat; adjust their positions accordingly.

On turn 2, any units at the board’s edge will arrive at the position marked by their unit leader. In addition, each army’s secondary force will arrive using the random deployment rules above but scattering only 4d6″. They may instead choose to scatter 6d6″, in which case they may roll two scatter dice, and choose the direction of their scatter from among those results.
Again, any unit missing the battlefield will be placed at board’s edge and will arrive there on the following turn. Any unit landing within 2″ of an opposing unit will be immediately locked in close combat, and is considered to have charged. The unit on the ground is not permitted overwatch, but the charge is considered disorganised. Resolve this during the appropriate assault phases.

Turn 3 continues in the same manner with each army’s tertiary force, but scattering only 3d6″. The optional 6d6″ scatter now affords 3 scatter dice.

Turn 4 should just be any stragglers that missed the battlefield in Turn 3.

Re: Special Deployments.
Deepstriking units can be fielded either as per the rest of the army, or as reserves. If they are fielded as reserves, they must be counted towards the tertiary – and then secondary – forces in your army. Deepstriking units may target any location, but always scatter a full 4d6 (they never ‘hit’). Homing beacons have no effect.
First turn deepstrikers can optionally be fielded during your first turn, in which case they are counted towards your initial force but are deployed as deepstrikers (see above) during your initial turn.
Models that Do Not Scatter (and variations thereof) roll normally for scatter (and still always scatter), but ignore 2 of the dice.
Models with Outflank may target either bunker if deployed after the first turn, but otherwise enter as normal, including scatter options.
Flyers enter as normal reserves but must make dangerous terrain tests every turn they are over the battlefield (your drop ships couldn’t handle it, and other flyers are no exception).


Each bunker contains a prototype of the weapon, but each army only knows about the one they are targeting. If you deployed around Alpha bunker, then your objective is at Alpha, and your extraction point is off of the East edge of the battlefield (yes, through the armies fighting for the Omega objective). If your target is the Omega objective, your extraction point is to the West (again, through the mess). Your goal is to retrieve your target objective (you may not pick up the other one); and get it to your extraction point safely. Monstrous Creatures and Vehicles may not carry the objective themselves, although a unit may embark upon a vehicle while carrying the objective. Place the objective among the unit carrying it (in the case of a vehicle, it would be centred in the passenger space).

Special Rules:

Unstable Objectives:
Your objective is an incredibly powerful prototype weapon; it is unstable and dangerous. At the end of each round, roll a d6 for each objective. On a 1, resolve a ST7 AP2 large blast centred on the objective. This roll is adjusted as follows:
-1 for every full 3″ moved beyond 6″
-1 if it was moved in a vehicle this turn
-1 if any wounds were taken by units carrying it (only -1, regardless of number of wounds)

Not on my Watch! :
When any unit attempts to leave the board with their objective, all hostile units within 18″ may fire an overwatch attack on them at their natural BS -1 (minimum 1). Only units within 18″ may take advantage of this opportunity.

Environmental Hazards:
Caliber VI is ridiculously dangerous. There’s a reason even scanners had trouble finding these bunkers. At the beginning of each round, roll a d6:
1 – Gas vents from all over the planet’s crust, throwing up clouds of toxic dust. All BS reduced by 1, including Overwatch.
2 – Eclipse! (Is that thing covering the sun *alive*!?) Night fighting.
3 – Earthquake and aftershocks! All terrain is considered dangerous.
4 – The sky is bleeding acidic rain. All armour values and cover saves are increased by 1 (5+ becomes 6+, etc).
5 – The stars align, and the planet is hit by a chaotic gravity wave. All armour saves are invulnerable, but all toughness is reduced by 1.
6 – The end is nigh; do or die! All units have Relentless, Fearless, Fleet, Rending, Monster Hunter, Tank Hunter, Missile Lock, Skyfire, and Interceptor. All weapons are twin-linked.

At the end of the 6th turn, score as follows:
Escape: +1 for each unit successfully reaching their designated rendezvous point
Retrieval: Double escape points if your objective was safely removed to your rendezvous. Triple if it was your army that achieved this.
Survival: +0.5 for each unit that finished in the third of the board adjacent to your rendezvous.
MIA: 0 for any unit left in the hot zone.
Annihilation: -1 for any unit finishing in the third of the board closest to the other rendezvous.
Kills: 1 point for each unit you successfully wipe out during this mission. Keep track.


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