Level 9/10 seems to be where things get real.

Pathfinder Saturday night. We started out in a temple that we were exploring last time, where we used a found scroll of stone shape to clear a passage into a moldy old library. The library was occupied by three giant worm monsters. Each had two tails, a sword held in one and a wand in the other. No idea what the monsters were, but they just about killed Jarek with a crazy fear illusion.
I spotted a hatch in the ceiling, so we made our way up to the surface, and fought our way across the Storval plateau. Living gargoyles and a crazy six-eyed demon ape, among other things (plus we’re pretty sure we saw two bulettes fighting for dominance, but something even bigger rose out of the desert to kill the winner of that fight before we had to deal with it). Had a chat with a man we met along the way and eventually found our way to the outlaw town of Kaer Maga. Our first town since the golem incident in Janderoff!
After finding our way in we got our fortunes read by a troll auger who ‘read’ her insides and then discovered the man we’re seeking is her brother (who has of course been missing for days). We sold some of the weapons and treasure we’ve amassed over the last while and then left off for the evening there. Lots happened, but all in all a pretty manageable session. Nobody died (Jarek’s near death of fright was the only really close call) and we’re finally back in civilization.

Although we can’t find anybody that wants to buy the crown we took off the king of the Storval giants when we killed him and his retinue. Which is probably smart on their part since they are no doubt many Storval giants left and they’re probably not happy with us.

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