My Rat Ogre is wishing I had more washes…

Tonight I finished painting my rat ogre.


I was honestly a little afraid to use a wash on this, because I really liked how it came out. Unfortunately, it also really felt incomplete; the lack of depth, especially around the warpstone embedded in his arm, was grating on me a little. So I decided to add a wash.
It’s worth mentioning that I only own 1 wash, and it’s essentially black ink. Which looks great in some places, but looks really weird in the flesh tone. Not that it’s a complete disaster, but I think a slightly fleshier wash would work wonders in models like this.


Before & After

The worst part is that I tried to fix a weird spot on his right arm and only succeeded in making it worse. Tried to add highlights in a second flesh tone but the way wasn’t quite dry, and just made a smeared mess. I may repaint that arm.


So. Things I like:
He strikes me as very dynamic. The wash did add a lot of depth, I just need to find something other than black to use for that effect. The wraps on his legs and arm turned out great (at one point those were practically lavender). And I really like the blood on his hand. That was a last minute thought and I’m pumped that it came out so well.

He was a lot of fun to paint; I may do another rat ogre next!


  1. cappuccinogaming

    He looks awesome!! And agree that the wash did add most dimension to him, but he still looked cool before!!
    If you’re considering getting only 1 new wash, I would highly recommend GW’s Sepia. I seem to be able to use that wash on anything and it works haha. Only 1 wash if I don’t want stuff really dark, and multiple layers if I need more depth.

    Admittedly, I don’t have a huge amount of experience painting, but I am very attached to my sepia! I might have to buy 3 to make sure I dont run out quickly 🙂

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