Rat Ogre II; done!

Managed to finish him up tonight, and got some better pictures as well.


Still look a little over exposed but at least it’s not putting a ‘star trek love interest’ effect on everything. So, stuff I like. The fists came out great. I like that I decided to use metal staples instead of stitches where the torso is bound together.


The Reikland fleshshade wash has been fantastic, too. I didn’t use any black wash at all on this one. The warpstone residue in the scars is okay, but not as tidy as I’d hoped to get it.


The slight bleed effect came out much better than the warpstone effect did, I think, but they combine nicely. Finally, I went really heavy on the wash when I hit his armour which resulted in a very cool rust/tarnished effect that I’ll have to remember in the future.


Hmm, little bit of star trek glow on that one. Anyway, since I managed to get my phone to take slightly better photos tonight, I retook the one of the two Rat Ogres together. We’ll leave off there; hope you all like it; feel free to throw some comments down below.


Till next time!


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