‘Rat Ogre’ III, by Rackham

K, so it’s not really a rat ogre, but I plan to field it as one.


A few years back I picked up a discounted copy of Rackham’s ‘hybrid’ board game at my flgs. I punched everything out, glued the miniatures together, and then never got around to trying it out. It generally gets pretty solid reviews, but the rulebook is a bit of a mess and I never convinced anybody to play it with me (the fact that it’s a 2 player game doesn’t help, since that cuts it out of board game nights). Anyway, I recently used the ‘aberration’ model as a proxy for a master-bred rat ogre in a game of warhammer fantasy, and decided I’d like to do that all the time.
So. I opened the hybrid box, basecoated all the miniatures, and now I’m painting up the aberration… my newest rat ogre.


So far it’s a pretty sweet mini; it’s got lots of cables and plates running through it, and it’s very dynamic. I definitely need a couple new brushes, though. Mine are starting to get pretty mangled and aren’t very nice for all the detail work. I’m thinking I’ll do the spinal spikes in a bone colour, and I’ll probably mess around a lot with blood effects on this one. I’ll post more when I get the chance to work on it again.


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