My now fully-painted rat ogres unit.

Got a good solid evening of painting in tonight. First off, I finished the aberration that I’ll be fielding as a master-bred rat ogre. As you’ve no doubt noticed in the last couple posts, it’s a pretty crazy looking mini, and I embraced that whole-heartedly. My vampire counts friend, on seeing a photo, suggested that even his vampires would be thrown by the amount of blood. We figure he’s just waded his way through an entire army of high elves. And now that I’ve built it up in your head…


I do sort of wish I’d done a bit more to define the uncovered muscle – maybe by adding sinew or fat – but I’m more than happy with how it turned out. Looks pretty good with the other two rat ogres I finished recently, but only emphasizes how silly my old school rat ogre looks when they’re fielded side by side.


I quickly painted up an old packmaster as well, so I now have a fully painted unit, at least part of which I will probably take into battle tomorrow.


My friend and I have been working on some 40k campaign ideas, and are planning to start that tomorrow, but since it’s an escalation campaign starting at only 500pts, we’re thinking we can probably work in a small fantasy skirmish during the evening as well. More on that later

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