Hazards of Gaming on the Cheap

Picked up a bunch of cheap rats on ebay, which of course means a complete crapshoot as far as quality goes. A few were old pewter models, so those are pretty much fine (there’s only so much that can be wrong with those, and even a woefully unfocused picture well often give those issues away), but a couple were plastic.
I actually really enjoy assembling miniatures, so when I get them second hand it isn’t because I want them built and painted, it’s because I can’t afford to do this if everything is full price. Which, given games workshop’s prices, makes used models my only real option outside of Christmas and other special occasions. I get a lot of my minis via ebay, and I generally pay less than half of retail. Even less is better, but that’s sorta my high end.
So what did I get this time?
4 globadiers
An old style queek headtaker
A ratling gun weapons team
4 rat ogres
2 warp lightning cannons
The globadiers and the ratling gun were unpainted pewter, so no issues there; the globadiers haven’t even had their backpacks glued on yet. Like new.
Headtaker is half primed, but again, essentially perfect. Also not assembled. The rat ogres and one of the cannons came from the same guy, and were okay. Tossed into a box with absolutely zero packing materials, so the cannon needed some light gluing, but mostly okay. The cannon’s missing some crew members, and what painting exists is ugly, but I can fix all that over time. The rat ogres are half painted, half not, but assembled okay and easy for me to do whatever I want painting-wise. Score.
Which brings us to the last warp lightning cannon.


Everything’s crooked, pieces aren’t put together very well, and the whole thing is covered in glue. Absolutely slathered on. Regular superglue, not plastic glue, and truly copious amounts. Looks like the game plan was to cover a surface in glue and then wedge pieces together haphazardly. So I’ve spent some of my time over the last couple of evenings running a salvage operation…


This is from tonight’s efforts. You can see how crooked the back ‘cap’ is; the front was similar but not in the same direction. I cut everything apart and reassembled it. I also removed the wheels, (I’ll want a new chariot base at some point; the previous modeler achieved about 40% surface superglue coverage), cut the platforms out, removed the crew (I’ll be attempting to level them a little), cut and shortened some cross beams, and cut away a *lot* of superglue. I have high hopes.
I also have a hankering for a razor saw, which would have made the warpstone adjustment way easier.
Also squeezed in a 40k game last night, but that can wait until another post. Teaser?


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