The West Gate – paper terrain update

Last night I sat down with the West Gate, one of the 28mm paper buildings I recently purchased during Dave Graffam‘s recent $1 sale. I paid to have the model printed at the local Staples location, as I a) had a coupon, and b) am not really going to do a whole lot better printing at home, price-wise. 69c a page got me color laser on 100lb cardstock, and the coupon save3ds about 30% on top of that. Total material cost: about $4, including the pdf from Dave’s and all applicable taxes. So we’re off to a good start.
The first image is an in-progress shot, the second includes the balcony and chimneys.

Stuff I liked:
– Cost, obviously. This is a pretty fantastic building for what it cost me.
– Appearance. The textures are good. I haven’t done any edging yet, but even without, it looks pretty clean. And an impressive 3-dimensional feel for a bunch of sheets of paper.

Tricky bits:
– The balconies are super precise. You’re essentially building boards out of paper, so if any fold is not totally straight and parallel, they’ll end up warped and hard to piece together. I’ll take more time the next time I’m doing stuff like that. The easy answer would be to ignore the balconies completely, but I want to use a lot of these buildings for potential mordheim games, so upper level gimmickry could be invaluable in the long run.
– When picking which layers to keep on the pdf, I nixed a door I probably should have kept and kept one I could have nixed, leaving me with an odd setup. Mostly it was the result of not taking enough time beforehand, figuring out which walls would be where.

Overall, it’s a pretty solid model that was fun to build. I have some doubts about the survivability of the longer roof section – it isn’t as thoroughly connected to the walls as in some other Graffam models I’ve done – but time will tell; it certainly isn’t falling apart or anything, and may hold up well.


Action shot! Master-bred rat ogre approaching through the gate, and a globadier lobbing a poisoned wind globe off the balcony.


  1. Azazel

    The building looks pretty good. The green moss/mould look gives it a good feel for Mordheim as well. But.. the suicidegirl keeps distracting me when I look at the pics.

    • rexlogan

      Yeah I tend to use old magazine posters to protect my work table. Which generally means tattoo pinups or terrible pop idols, since those are the most prevalent 2 pagers. Grin.

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