Terrain T’ursday! Again!

‘Cause why not?
Tonight I started to work on the Mermaid Tavern, the next Dave Graffam model on my to-do list.

After finishing the West Gate, I’m excited to do another building, and the Mermaid Tavern looked simultaneously interesting and manageable. A fair number of fiddly bits while still being a closed building (I also got some ruins printed, which have insides and outsides, and load bearing posts).


Fun fact: the Mermaid Tavern is a 7 page pdf file, the same length as the West Gate. That means that this building will also have a final cost to me of about $4.


I didn’t have much time tonight, so while I cut most of the pieces out, I did not have time to assemble the tavern. I wanted to finish something though, and fortunately the Mermaid comes with an outhouse that sits behind the building on the same base. So I assembled that.


Pretty thrilling stuff. Hopefully I can get the actual Tavern put together tomorrow night.

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