Terrain T’ursday IV

As much as I wasn’t intending to turn this into a regular thing, I sorta want to do the opposite and keep it going. So, with that in mind, here’s what I did this past week, terrain-wise…
First off, the Mermaid Tavern is a little closer to completion.


Wow. That sorta puts the hell pit abomination into perspective, doesn’t it? The other project I undertook was to create some rivers. We usually use three ugly scraps of painted cardboard turned upside down (cardboard side up) to denote any rivers, and it looks awful. So over the weekend I joined Meagan on one of her trips to fabricland, where marine vinyl had gone on sale. I grabbed a half metre, which is a sizable chunk, since the stuff is over 4 feet wide. $3.50 netted me enough to make a whole mess of modular river pieces. I tried to keep the ends of each piece to a fairly squared off 5 inches, so that any piece can be linked to any others. I’ll try to get a better picture by next week, but for now you can see them in use in the background of these shots from last weekend’s battle:


That would be a piece or two in the upper left corner there. Does it look like a real river? No. Of course not. But does it look like a decent representation, while adding a ton of flavour to our battlefield for the low price of a couple bucks? Definitely.

And that’s what’s new in terrain this week.

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