Super fast fantasy update

Ready. Set.
2700 point each 3 player scenario Sunday night, high elves vs vampire counts vs skaven. Points were determined such that peter could bring his zombie dragon into the mix; he ended up drawing the short straw and getting stuck in the middle.

Highlights include:

Peter’s zombie dragon!

My warp lightning cannon guns down a gryphon.

My abomination stood firm against a large ghoul unit, and my storm banner lasted 3 turns, allowing my rat ogres to charge a frost phoenix (a phoenix that wrecked a warp lightning cannon) before it could flank them.

My abomination settling into the flank of a draconic challenge, to await its opportunity.
All in all, a super fun battle. The zombie dragon won the day by simultaneously holding 2 objectives, my skaven came in second.
I took the thanquol and boneripper to medium effect. I’d try them a second time.

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