Gaming on the Cheap – My New Warhammer Fantasy Case

I have a very nice large figure case for my 40k figures. I put it on my Christmas list last year thinking there was no way, but my folks totally got it for me. Sorta blew my mind a little. I guess they figured with all the work I put into building and painting, it would be a shame not to keep them safe.
Recently I’ve taken up fantasy, and as my collection of rats grows (especially the painted ones) the vintage makeup case full of hacked up boxes just wasn’t really cutting it anymore. I started considering looking into a case, but they’re all pretty expensive so it was probably going to need to be a Christmas list item again. I haven’t been fielding my space marines as much lately, though, so I shelved the marines to make room in the case for the my skaven.

That would be the marines that were in the large gw case.
Unfortunately, it turns out that my skaven fit terribly in the official case. Some were too big, others were awkwardly shaped, long story short it was a disaster. So I went back to toying with the idea of building my own. (I still carry the balance of my marines in a former PlayStation rental case full of pick and pluck foam left over from the gw case).
I want having much luck, and then I found this:

$3.99, and mostly just needed some minor repair work done.
That said, it sat in the basement untouched for a few weeks while I priced out foam from various sources. Everything looked unreasonable, and then I found a memory foam mattress topper at the same thrift store where I found the case in the first place. $2.99, if you’re wondering. And so the repair work began. A few rivets and some random washers later, and it was ready for the foam.

It holds about 3-4 layers of miniatures, depending how thick they are.
I then decided to try stenciling some skaven markings on the outside.

An early stencil effort that didn’t work out (the painters tape wouldn’t lift off the foamcore).

A rough sketch made after I decided to abandon my more symmetrical designs.

Painting. I blocked off the edges as I plan to put in some further stenciling at a late date. And finally:

The case as it currently exists. I’ll probably add skryre and moulder markings to the sides.

And inside. I need to tighten up the clanrats on the lower levels and give myself more options for later. The abomination and the war machines are pretty crushed together here.

So, about $7-8 for the case. The paint and the tape for the stencil cost more than that, but the total was still under $20 for a solid case that will hold a few thousand points at least.


  1. 40kterminatus

    Imagine turning up for a big tournament with that case ? People would wonder if your gonna pull a gun out,lol

    • rexlogan

      I was actually seriously considering a gun case before I put this together, as it’s so much more affordable than the official stuff, and they hold a ton (I know a guy that uses a rifle case for his tau; it holds almost his entire army).

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