Out of the Blue! Another Job, Cities of Death, and Kill Team!

Another brief entry full of photos. First off, I have a cool new job working at a sweet game store. That said, it’s a second job, and with Christmas coming I’m now working about 70 hours a week, with my wonderful wife and son getting the bulk of my free time. Hence the significant decrease in blog time.
Decrease. As in still going.
The thought of trying to catch you all up on the last few sessions of pathfinder is a wee bit daunting, so I am going to continue to focus on warhammer for now. Just 40k the last couple of weeks, but we’ve been trying some new stuff to keep it fresh. I may have mentioned that we put our campaign ideas on hold while we had more new people showing up, so last week we breathed new life into 40k with Cities of Death.

If you’re wondering about the cow, I grabbed my son’s Little People to mark which team controlled which buildings (mission firesweep); we were animals, the other guys were people (batman and wonder woman both made appearances).
Our terrain is still a bit limited but it’s serving its purpose for now. We all had a blast, with six of us facing off: dark angels / space marines / space marines VS orks / imperial guard / dark angels. We’re definitely going to be putting together some house rules in an effort to make the buildings a little more meaningful.


Scouts vs scouts.


Overrun by orks.


My command squad and my ironclad in the thick of it.

This weekend we broke out the Kill Team rules and took them for a spin. Loads of fun, and something well definitely be doing again. Not easy fielding a space marines kill team in 200pts,especially when you’re trying to avoid the OP nightmare that is a squad of lightning claw terminators. I do want the people to keep playing with me, after all.


My first kill team was 7 sternguard veterans. I lost 3 right of the bat to shunting warp spiders (is that what they’re called?), but the remainder held on for a long time.


My second kill team was an ironclad with twin heavy flamers and a baseline squad of shotgun scouts, which also did pretty decently. In fact, I’m going to take this moment to one again point out (I feel I can’t say this enough) that shotgun scouts are generally very underrated. The killing blow that won us the second game of kill team?


Yep. Amazing.

In short, I highly recommend a couple of things. Buildings. Cityfights. Kill Team.

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