Unyielding jump wolves and my alternativindicator

So another couple of busy weeks gone by; what’s been happening in hobbyland? Well my one group finally got in some pathfinder (2 games), and also ordered ourselves some smallish infinity armies. My regular warhammer group got in some fun fantasy games, and we’re looking to try out infinity tomorrow evening. I’ve actually managed to get some modelling done; no painting, though. On the rare moments when I had done time, I didn’t feel like painting what’s already basecoated, and it’s been way too cold (-25 to -55 degrees Celsius with the wind chill) to spray anything outside. Definitely giving serious consideration to getting or building a spray booth in the basement for next winter, as I’ve picked up a couple fun models (my infinity squads, Skweel, some jezzails, an old rackham wolfen and so on), and I can’t get beyond building them.
And how has all this looked?


An experimental 40k game involving perpetual seismic destruction...


Skweel and the wolfen.


I actually got some design time in on hel's belles.


Headtaker takes on a unit of daemonettes... and does just fine.


My alternative vindicator... An m110 A1 thunderbolt

One final fun project is the addition of some space wolves to my space marines force. As I’ve mentioned in the past, the Unyielding are a lost-in-space sort of chapter, which grants some opportunity for me to throw some other chapter units into the mix. I just finished putting jump packs in some space wolves so that I can field them as Unyielding vanguard veterans. And voila!


Yay, space wolf unit!


      • rexlogan

        1:35. ‘M110 A1 thunderbolt’. It says no. 252 on the box. An italeri product #, maybe?

      • rexlogan

        Not even close to 28mm, but of course the gw scale is so all over the map that it works out about right. It’s longer than a rhino-based 40k vehicle, but otherwise about right. Check my later posts to see some space marine butts in those seats!

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