More Infinity! Also, the thunderbolt/vindicator

Did another small infinity intro last night. This time it was my regular warhammer group, and we didn’t get around to using any special skills. We just played two games to get a feel for the different kinds of rolls and the various ways it differs from warhammer and Kill Team. Definitely a lot of interest in playing again; next time I’ll probably have people select a faction ahead of time so they can get familiar with the appropriate rules/skills.


Let this be our battlefield.

I myself did pretty terribly, although skills would have helped. Mostly I just rolled poorly all night. Worked out well though, as getting knocked out early every time meant that I could spend a lot more time on clarifying the rules for everybody else. By the time we break infinity out again (probably in a few weeks) I will hopefully be one of many people that have read the full rules. If there is any one aspect of infinity that I think was made abundantly clear, it s the lethality of the game. I often got myself obliterated almost entirely within my first turn.


Nobody here but us corpses...

Tonight I managed to get in a little more modelling. Started by pinning a couple of models that have repeatedly broken on me: an old plasma cannon devastator (metal arms and weapon in a plastic body) and an old crusader multi-melta (same issue). With that out of the way I turned my attention to the thunderbolt ‘vindicator’. The model includes seats, and I could think of no better way to 40k-ify it than by putting some space marine butts in those seats.


Just one arm short...

The marine pauldron meant twisting him a bit on the seat, but it still looks fairly natural; I just need to find a second arm that I like (maybe an outstretched hk launcher?) to wrap that one up.
The scout was a bit of luck. I didn’t think anything would fit in that seat (heroic scale being the bulk festival that it is), but a friend have me some seated scout legs that almost worked as they were. I just had to cut out the back of the knee to bend the straighter leg and voila!
Hopefully I can get some better shots at some point. What with all of these being unpainted, the glare is pretty ridiculous.

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