Welcome to fancytown! Population: infinity.

I decided, while waiting for my infinity order to arrive, that a skirmish game would be the ideal opportunity to try out some resin bases. So I picked some up, and today I re-based my Ariadna demo squad.


all your base are belong to us?

The bases are from dark art miniatures (one of the ‘urban’ sets), and the units are 2x line kazaks a veteran kazak, and a chasseur. So. A step by step…


Off her slot tab


Tetanus shot, anybody?

I tried a little trick here that I saw on another blog this morning, dabbing the pins certainly helped. About halfway through I realised that I should really shift/bend the pins so that they’re perpendicular to the model’s ‘ground ‘.
The next three definitely slid in much more easily.


Go take out that ninja!

Tricky bits? As I mentioned straightening the pins makes them slide into the base more easily, it also increases the blob of paint’s accuracy. I also occasionally found myself wishing for heroic scale models, because some of these had some really tiny feet.


You won't feel a thing!

Well, I’m falling asleep, so I’m gonna crash now. Overall, a great experience, and I’m happy with the results.


  1. Leeman

    Have you ever considered trimming the tab down to form a pin itself? Saves a lot of time and drilling! It’s what I do on my Infinity models! I look forward to seeing these with paint on them!

    • rexlogan

      I like the sturdiness that idea implies, but it sounds like a lot of trimming and a sizable hole in the base. I may have to give that a try sometime!

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