5-man free-for-all; infinity style

Just a quick photo or two of tonight’s very educational game. Hopefully I’ll have time for an actual post about it later, but no guarantees.


Our long, narrow, and fairly busy battlefield


My Veteran takes a long shot.

And some quick rules questions that we’re still wondering about, as our brief forays into the rules and wikis haven’t yielded anything totally 100% clear (if you choose to clarify, please try to quote the actual rule so we can look it up):
ARM of zero. Do you get an armour roll?
Dodge. Does a dodge roll need to beat every roll in a burst, or can it succeed against parts? (for that matter, should a dodge roll be made against a burst, or against a BS roll that determines whether or not you roll the burst at all?)
There’s totally more, but I’m too tired right now. I’m going to attempt a re-read at some point, now that I’ve actually played a few games, I expect that will probably clear up a fair bit…


  1. Leeman

    “ARM of zero. Do you get an armour roll?”
    Yes, you do – from the Wiki:
    “When a figure is hit by a successful enemy BS or CC roll, he must make an ARM Roll. In this roll, the ARM Attribute is a positive number, and indicates the Modifier to be added to the roll” – so in the case of ARM 0 , you just add nothing to the roll (so you’d better be in cover and/or roll high!
    “Does a dodge roll need to beat every roll in a burst, or can it succeed against parts?”
    It can succeed against parts – like any Face-to-face roll, the highest success beats any successes with a lower score – if your opponent rolls 6, 7 and 10 for his hits, and you roll 8 for your dodge, you’ll avoid the 6 and 7 but still take the hit from the 10. Again, from the Wiki:
    “Dodge is a Short Skill that allows a PH Face to Face Roll to be made against BS, CC, PH or Forward Observer Skills to avoid an enemy attack in LoF.”
    Hope that helps!

    • rexlogan

      We read both of those. The confusing part is that in the first case it specifies that the ARM attribute is a positive number, but I guess that just indicates a lack of modifier where zero is concerned? (we felt like it could be interpreted either way, especially since monofilament rules drop an ARM to zero and sounded direct).
      In the second case, there was some point in the rules that made dodge sound like an all or nothing option, but parts makes sense.

      • rexlogan

        Yeah, in both cases we started out correct and then got more confused as we continued to read more.

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